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My Addiction...

10 December
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Hi my name is Kayleigh, Im 23 and absolutely obsessed with make up. I just cant help myself. At the moment its blush and highlighters but I can feel myself swaying back to shadow palettes again! I live in scotland and have been a figure skating since I was 7, its just a hobby though! We do competitions a few times a year and I usually find the make up is just the most fun ever! The rest of my time I spend running my photography business, which means I work odd hours and can choose when I work more or less! Yay!!

I live with my partner Arran and our little kitty Clio (shes now 4 and still wild)on the seafront of a small village on the west coast of scotland. I do get rather bored here and thats my excuse for the make up addiction! haha